Flannel & Fur


Hello everyone!

Today I was snowed in, and to entertain myself I took some pictures in the house for my Instagram account, @alllison.rae (be sure to follow me!) I took some pretty cool photos and wanted to share some with of my favorites with you!

I wanted to incorporate this comfy red and black plaid flannel, which I paired with these cool olive green pants.  To add something to the look, I put on this awesome faux fur vest.  It added the perfect amount of excitement to the picture.  Because of the tom-boyish look I was going for with the buttoned up flannel, I couldn’t help but adding in my favorite baseball cap. (Go Yankees !!) To add a feminine touch, two of my favorite brass/gold rings did the trick! I ultimately decided to go with the birds-eye view picture (first) to post on my instagram. I thought the different angle was unlike anything i’ve posted so far.

Hope your week has been a good one! xx

Flannel: Thrifted

Faux Vest: H&M

Olive Pants: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Urban Outfitters


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