Casual Layers


Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share my outfit in honor of this amazing, oversized cozy hooded stone-grey cardigan. I’m completely in love with it and couldn’t wait to share it with you:)

I recently purchased this black flowy cropped shirt, and wasn’t sure what to wear it with. To be honest, winter isn’t my favorite time to wear shorter tops, especially when it’s extra cold.  I love the trend of layering tees/tanks under sweaters, so why not this shirt?  I paired this simple, army green v-neck under the black top which gave a nice colorful touch. I also like how the tee broke up the blackness between my black jeans and black shirt. To lengthen my legs (or at least try to ; ) I wore my simple black chelsea boots.  For accessories, I piled on some of my favorite silver rings, and added some necklaces.  I paired a cool silver pendant on a burgundy string necklace with an interesting “belt clasp” choker to add some edge.  My vintage horn-rimmed sunglasses added the finishing touch to complete the look.

Hope you have a great upcoming week! x

Cardigan: Nordstrom

Black Shirt: Brandy Melville

Army-Green Tee: Anthropology

Black Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Chelsea Boots: Silence and Noise (Urban Outfitters)

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