What Do your Sunglasses Say About You?

Hope you enjoy this post! it was so much fun collaborating with this awesome site! xx

First impressions are often the ones that matter most. It’s one of the main reasons we dress a certain way: business for the office, feminine for a first date, sporty for game day. Just like clothes say something about our personality, so do sunglasses. Read on to find out what your favorite style of sunglasses say about you:


 Angelina Jolie in aviators. Image via StyleBistro.com

 Aviators: If teardrop-shaped frames are your favorite, then you are leader. You are tough and you know what you want. You can make a career out of your personality type, such as joining the military or police forces. Or you can just go ahead and act like it.

flip ups

Dwayne Wade in flip-ups. Image via sports.yahoo.com

Flip-ups: You’re indecisive as can be if you can’t even decide if you should wear glasses or sunglasses! The good news is you might be onto something, like the comeback of a trend. Not everyone dares to wear something as bold as flip-ups.


Kim Kardashian in oversized sunglasses. Image via coolspotters.com

Oversized: The sunglasses of the stars: you either are one, or want to be one. You may seem like a private person, but you’re really not afraid to be the center of attention. Chances are, you might just be lazy and want to hide your lack of makeup.


Anna dello Russo in embellished sunglasses

Embellished: You’re all about fashion and looking different. You don’t care about comfort as much as you do about trends, which can sometimes actually hurt your health. Step off of those stilettos once in a while, and watch the world from ground level.

 cat eye

Dita von Teese in cat eye sunglasses. Image via Leblow.co.uk

Cat eye: You’re literally just like the sunglasses you wear: a cat. You might be nice and purr at times, but one may never know when you decide to bite. A well-known trend in the ’50s and ’60s, cat eye sunglasses are linked with dazzling vintage fashion, and were used to be a favorite of the legendary Audrey Hepburn. Recently, these sunglasses have been making a rebound in the form of stylish shades.


Kam Chancellor & Richard Sherman in sports sunglasses.

Image via Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher

Sports: You’re either an athlete, or just a practical kind of person. You want want you wear to be functional first of all, even if means giving up on style. You’re pragmatic, comfortable with who you are, and focused on what you need to do.

About Author:

Daria is a fashion enthusiast with a soft spot for vintage style and cats. She also blogs at CelebritySunglassesWatcher.com


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