Couture Fashion Week – Fall 2014

Hello everyone!

This past weekend I was invited to attend Couture Fashion Week as a fashion blogger!  It was an amazing show, with many different, eye catching designs for the upcoming Fall.  It was so exiting to see each new beautiful, fresh design walk down the runway.  Many repeating trends stood out to me, so in today’s post I will be sharing some of my thoughts with you! xx

1. Shoulder Pads: 

These three designs by Andres Aquino all have such an interesting masculine look to them.  What stands out on each model are the repeating shoulder pads.  I personally love shoulder pads, they add such a masculine shape to whatever they are on. This collection shows the diversity of suit wear, and how fashion forward a suit jacket can become, accentuating the broad-shoulder look.  On each of the suit tops, the designer added color blocking touches which makes the designs so much more fun to look at, as well as making them interesting to play around with.

IMG_2699 IMG_2723

2. Ruffles:

During the show, ruffles had a big impact on some of the pieces by Andres Aquino.  Below are three ways he displayed ruffles on his designs.  They are out of the box, but not too crazy; very wearable.  Each design displays a “mermaid” inspired shape, which creates a flattering, form fitting silhouette.

IMG_2737 IMG_2743

3. Open-Backed Dresses: 

These daring open-backs were on display in many designs in the collection.  They add a very feminine, elegant touch to the dresses. Although they are each simple cut’s, they make each dress much more exciting.


The show(s) were so fun and exciting! It was so much fun meeting new people and hearing awesome stories!

So nice meeting Kim Michelle , Miss Ecuador and her Manager/Sister/Makeup Artist, Veronica Castro !!