Jewelry Obsession: Rings.

I can confidently say that i have a relationship with rings(lol). In each of my outfit posts, I am most likely wearing unique rings that I am currently in love with. Rings are basically my trade-mark;) The most amazing thing about rings are how they’re are SO many different styles, looks, shapes and sizes. thats what makes them each so cool:) I have 2 rings i wear everyday, and others i wear according to my outfit/theme of the day. (Going from left to right) The 2nd and 3rd ring are on me each day and night. The first, second, and the big one on the thumb are used more as add-on’s. (these aren’t my only rings, just the ones that looked good together:)

I find most rings in vintage stores/second hand shops, which is were i found ring 1, 2, 4 and 5. the thumb one was from Claire’s, believe it or not! You may just find a diamond in the rubble! (sorry for the cheesiness…)

By the way – These are my sisters hands, and my fuzzy socks which are beyond comfy (and from Rite-Aid;)


Obsession: Rings.


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