My Shopping Motto...

So I don’t know about any of you, but my obsession is finding designer clothing for more then half the price. I mean, I think we can all appreciate a good sale! When I go shopping, instead of splurging on a great pair of jeans, (which is necessary once in a while) i’d rather get my hands on a couple great pairs for a fraction of the price. I’m also always scoping out great sales at the stores i’m in love with, but have ridiculously high prices. always make sure your up to date by knowing all the upcoming sales you don’t want to miss! I have definitely missed some great sales:( For todays post, I wanted to share my opinion on 2 of my favorite stores where I find great designer pieces, for less:) xx

P.S. I’m also in love with this quote<3<3

TJmaxx – It is definitely safe to say i am a “Maxxinista”(:D). TJmaxx has so many different styles and great versatile clothing and accessory pieces, the shoe section especially. I have found had some great luck finding Steve madden, Rampage, and Juicy Couture pairs! TJmaxx is either a big hit, or a big loose but its definitely worth your time!

Loehmanns – Loehmanns is by far my biggest recommendation to all my friends and family. I have had amazing success finding Wild Fox, Juicy Couture, 7 of all Mankind and Romeo and Juliet Couture clothing and accessory pieces. Its kinda crazy how low their prices are. (I recently purchased a Wild fox sweater for $38 which was originally $183!) Their shoe selection is also awesome. Loehmanns is also very much a hit or miss store, but from personal experience, I have done very well!

Disclaimer – This post is only sharing my personal experience and opinion, not anyone else’s:) xx


My Shopping Motto…


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